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The current site format is currently outdated (as you can see with the older game boards listed).
This site is planned to go to an updated format in the near future.

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This site was originally created for the PS3 game Eye of Judgment. Over time though where EoJ became no longer supported by Sony, had evolved into a site for overall video gaming discussion. From there, we've evolved further where we now discuss all types of gaming while also discussing movies, TV series, and overall interesting topics.

No need to register to view topics and provided content. All topics and provided content are free to the public. Due to this site being free, our site has a donations system which you can use to show your appreciation for such a great service without the ads, hassles, and restrictions that come from other forums. To add to an existing discussion or start a new discussion, you will have to register.

As this forum has a lot of boards and functionality available, please review the User Guide for quick and easy explanations. also works on most mobile platforms and console browsers.

While continues to evolve, we actually branched out to another site; At, specific game news and discussion is had while also providing free clan forums with moderated controls for privacy to those who are interested.
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